Our mission at First Frisco is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who worship passionately, love extravagantly, and witness boldly. At the same time, there is no such thing as a discipleship program.  Discipleship is our way of life.

Regardless of age, gender, or personality, every believer is called to be a disciple and to help make and multiply disciples.  Following the Great Commission of Matthew 28, the church is to teach and encourage each other to obey all the commands Jesus had given to his disciples – in order to establish a transformative life through The Way. The Way, as we define it at First Frisco, is growing in Christian discipleship.  It involves several vital areas of ministry emphasis. Those areas in The Way are:
1. WORSHIP both individually and together within our church home.
2. GROW in our prayer life and understanding of God's Word.
3. SERVE both within the church and the community, using our God-given talents and spiritual gifts.
4. GIVE generously according to Biblical principles of stewardship.
5. GO out into the world, extending radical hospitality to all who cross our paths.
At First Frisco, we recognize growing in faith as Christians is a journey. It is a process which we intentionally commit to God, with the Holy Spirit as our helper.  We also commit to growing in our relationship to Christ and other Christians. We desire to instill a sense of belonging by assisting guests and members to become involved. First Frisco is all about the building of relationships.
Within the Global Methodist Church (GMC), we are asked to live as witnesses to Jesus Christ in the world and to follow Jesus’ teachings through acts of compassion, justice, worship, and devotion under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

True Biblical discipleship begins with the spiritual conviction that every single believer is called to live a life of discipleship as well as invite and help others live a life of discipleship. Making disciples of all is a total community effort and it requires us to worship, grow, and serve in order to bring about meaningful and transformative change in our lives and the lives of others.

As part of The Way, we have connection groups who are actively involved to stay in contact with new guests and members, to assist in relationship building, by helping them be aware of the many opportunities available to them at First Frisco.

In the book of Acts, it was the fellowship of joyful and humble worshipers that enabled the growth of the first church. So, it is the people who attract people through the Holy Spirit; not campaigns or educational programs. Scripture: Acts 2:46-47

We have a variety of small groups that meet people where they are and help them grow and mature in faith, hope, and love. These groups provide mutual accountability and support for discipleship.

At First Frisco, we will provide our guests and members with an awareness of the many opportunities to seek and find ways to develop relationships with others and God. Opportunities for Bible Studies, Prayer Groups, Sunday School Classes, Choir, starting new connection groups based on common interest, or other activities to serve.

The Way Attributes


Worship is understood to be our response to God’s presence in our lives. Biblical worship is our experience of worshiping with others in the context of ‘going to church'. At First Frisco, we are devoted to this Biblical practice with all our hearts, minds, and souls. With joyful spirits and humble attitudes, we join in worship to develop individual relationships with others and a personal relationship with God.


To grow implies placing ourselves in an environment that allows growth; such as a plant being placed in an environment consisting of fertile soil and moisture. Such is the same at First Frisco; to grow means to take an action to seek out the benefits of a small group that meets your needs. It is in small groups that we find a place of being connected in prayer and in God’s Word, and a place to nurture relationships.


Most people discover a feeling of joy when they help and serve others. Jesus said in part, “the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.” To serve means not to be self-serving but to intentionally serve others. As we grow in the church through relationships, we serve others in simple, heartfelt and loving ways.


Through worship, we continue to grow as we serve in the church. One of the blessings of this experience is the awareness of how God has helped many through their journey of life. This awareness of God allows us to see need, whether in another pew or in daily experiences. As we see others in need, this allows us to share the majesty of God and the relationship we can all have with God.


We are created  by God to be generous and sharing people. Giving is an act of worship that is returning to God a portion from the abundance that God has provided. Through our giving, we become partners with God in touching the lives of others. When giving, give generously and with love.

Let's grow together.

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